We design, manufacture and market personal protection elements Security screens for public services

360 Protective is the second production line of Encaja Embalajes & Trading.

From our facilities in Loeches (Madrid), Elda (Alicante) and Riaño (Asturias), we design and manufacture methacrylate/polycarbonate/glass protective screens for working environments that require attention to the public.

We are backed by a solid track record, with our own patents and an efficient national and international distribution network with which we have opened up the market and consolidated our presence in the sector.

360 Protective is present throughout Spain and is known internationally in Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Morocco and India.

Our R&D team is always attentive to the concerns of partners and customers. The global pandemic highlighted the need to reorganize working environments that would allow to maintain personal contact with customers in total safety.

Faced with this challenge, Encaja Embalajes & Trading adapted part of its production system to be used for the protection of people. 360 Protective was born.

Since then, we have designed and manufactured a range of protective screens made of methacrylate/polycarbonate/glass for the division of public service spaces, as well as the separation of environments in shared work areas. Our protective screens have proven to be an effective resource to encourage interaction between people without risk of contagion.

Innovation is part of our DNA. We have recently developed a personal protective screen for medical use to reinforce safety with patients in procedures with high risk of viral exposure.

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At 360 Protective, quality is an essential objective. As manufacturers, we subject our products to rigorous testing to ensure compliance with all safety regulations.

Our commitment to our clients is based on personalized treatment, response and anticipation of their needs.