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Workplace prevention measures

5 measures that have been successful in preventing COVID in workplaces

Priorities in occupational prevention have changed. The COVID-19 crisis has overturned the most basic principles of occupational safety. In addition to the existing risks, there is now the threat of a virus whose effects have physical and psychological repercussions on the workforce. To get an idea of its significance, here are some figures. Social Security


We test our FlexiHealth® sanitary screen

As manufacturers of protective screens for customer service, we are under the obligation to meet certain minimum quality requirements in order to market our products. At 360 Protective the level of demand is higher. We periodically carry out exhaustive internal and external quality controls to evaluate their properties and performance. With this commitment we have


FlexiHealth®, the screen that reinforces safety with your patient

FlexiHealth ® Health authorities recognize that COVID-19 is transmitted in three ways: the inhalation of respiratory droplets expelled by those infected by speaking or coughing. contact with surfaces where the virus may remain. aerosols, small droplets that can remain in the air for minutes. How can the emission of aerosols be avoided? In fact, the

Mampara de cristal para mostradores

Advantages of installing a protective screen in your business

The expansion of COVID-19 is forcing traditional retailers to reinvent themselves to improve the customer shopping experience. A study by Capgemini consulting on consumption and COVID-19 reveals that consumers will be more demanding when it comes to assessing details such as safety and hygiene in a physical store. In fact, social distance is one of the biggest threats that

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Welcome to 360 Protective’s blog

Welcome to 360 Protective’s blog We live in a globalized world. What happens in one part of the planet has repercussions in another. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to protect people’s health, but also the common desire to continue to maintain personal contact in complete safety. Companies that manufacture personal protection elements have