Advantages of installing a protective screen in your business

The expansion of COVID-19 is forcing traditional retailers to reinvent themselves to improve the customer shopping experience.
A study by Capgemini consulting on consumption and COVID-19 reveals that consumers will be more demanding when it comes to assessing details such as safety and hygiene in a physical store. In fact, social distance is one of the biggest threats that companies and businesses face in order to resume their activity with guarantees.
Social distance
Some of the proposed solutions have been most curious. Surely you remember the greenhouse tables in the FETEN restaurant in Amsterdam or the “churro hats” on a terrace in Germany.

Restaurante Fetén – Ámsterdam

Of all of them, the protection screens of methacrylate/polycarbonate/glass have proven to be an effective resource in environments that require attention to the public, when it is not possible to maintain the two meters distance for reasons of space or mobility.
Therefore, if you have not already done so, we explain the advantages of installing a protective screen in your business.

Encourage interaction while respecting social distance

protection screen for counter

 Limiting capacity, organizing access and having hygiene products help the client feel safe. But the peace of mind that comes from being attended to face to face without risk of contagion is taking confidence to another level.
Because as consumers, we still need and want a close treatment. And in this sense, glass or methacrylate screens are the best ally where customer service is a fundamental part of the service: pharmacies, tobacconists, offices, boutiques, offices, etc.
Protection screen for counter

These screens create an “invisible” barrier, reducing the possibility of contagion of any airborne pathogen, without limiting the interaction between staff and customers. They are transparent, which ensures optimal visibility and communication. And their design, with a window, allows the flow of money or documents.

Recommended by the World Health Organization

Protection screen tempered glass

In general, companies must implement three types of measures to contain the spread of the virus: sanitation, prevention and protection.
The hygienization measures are related to the cleaning of workstations and common spaces. The preventive measures refer to the organization of workplaces and personnel.
Protective measures include, among others, PPE, safety distance signs and protective screens.
WHO’s country and technical guidance on COVID-19.
Protection screen tempered glass

Taking into account that transmission by aerosols is the main way of spreading coronavirus in closed spaces, methacrylate screens are an indispensable protection element.

They allow you to work comfortably in any space

As it is a product made from plastic derivatives (methacrylate and polycarbonate), the screens can be designed in standard or customized format, depending on the space or work that the person performs.
Our Premium model has non-slip metal supports, which guarantees the necessary stability to work comfortably and safely. And because they are scratch-resistant and easy to maintain, their lifespan is long.
Our wish is that you can continue to offer your products and services with maximum safety, confidence and comfort for your workers and clients.