Mampara de uso sanitario Flexihealth

Flexihealth, the screen that reinforces safety with your patient

Flexihealth Flexihealth
Health authorities recognize that COVID-19 is transmitted in three ways:

  • the inhalation of respiratory droplets expelled by those infected by speaking or coughing.
  • contact with surfaces where the virus may remain.
  • aerosols, small droplets that can remain in the air for minutes.

How can the emission of aerosols be avoided?

In fact, the World Health Organization  has recently updated its protocol for scientific-technical information on coronavirus. In this document it highlights the role of aerosols in the spread of the virus and launches some guidelines to avoid the risk of infection in indoor spaces by this route.
In summary, it says that it is not necessary to adopt prevention measures very different from those already recommended, but to strengthen them.

Preventive measures in a dental clinic

This circumstance takes on special importance in the case of sanitary facilities that in the exercise of their profession are exposed to microorganisms through the production of aerosols. We refer to dentists, ophthalmologists or plastic surgeons.
Precisely, the latest guide to the COVID-19 of the General Council of Dentists incorporates measures to control the generation of aerosols in dentists’ offices. You can consult them here.

What is Flexihealth and how can it help you reinforce safety with your patient

Flexihealth. Protection screen medical use
Most dental procedures involve a high risk of aerosol infection. In this sense, the barrier elements add an extra protection in the doctor-patient interaction.
This is the case of Flexihealth, the healthcare screen designed to reinforce prevention in environments where work is done at less than one meter away from patients, with risk of aerosol aspiration.

How do you work with Flexihealth?

The Flexihealth screen acts as a physical barrier between the dentist and his patient, slowing down the dispersion of splashes and drops, without altering working conditions.
It is made of 3-4 mm thick polycarbonate, providing optimum visibility of the operating field, and extreme resistance to knocks and scratches.

Fits any surface

Its flexible articulated arm and adjustable clamp allow it to adapt to any surface. In addition, its components can be disassembled independently, which facilitates cleaning and transportation, in the case of freelance professionals with services.
These features make it an effective protection tool, compatible with the use of other PPE, such as goggles or face shields.
The risk of coronavirus transmission remains high. Contact us if you want your clinical practice to be safer for you and your patients.
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