Three simple guidelines to buy anti-COVID material without fear of making a mistake

Masks, hydroalcoholic gels, disinfectant sprays and mats, signaling vinyls and dividing screens are some of the products that are part of our daily life to protect us against COVID-19.
Today it is easy (and relatively safe) to acquire any of these items on the market. However, at the beginning of the pandemic, the lack of supplies made it necessary to resort to merchandise of dubious origin, which in most cases did not meet the minimum quality requirements.
Fully engaged in a second wave of the pandemic, it is necessary to reinforce people’s safety, without falling into past mistakes. But can we recognize the products that are really effective from those that are not?  How to buy anti- COVID material without fear of making a mistake?
At 360 Protective we want to give you three simple guidelines so you don’t get caught.

1.- Make it 100 x 100 domestic manufacture

A quick way to recognize the reliability of a product is to verify its origin. The CE mark guarantees the safety, health and environmental protection requirements of the European Union.
The problem is that the high demand for anti-coronavirus products has put into circulation articles with a copy of the CE symbol, which have nothing to do with European labelling.
European Community Certificate. Source:
They look the same, don’t they? Actually, the acronym on the right corresponds to China Export. And, unlike the European mark, it does not commit the manufacturer of the product to a minimum quality standard. It only informs about its Asian origin.
Personal protective equipment and medical devices must be CE approved, although not all protective systems are required to have this approval. This is the case of the anti-contagious screens, an essential safety element in the attention to the public.
Today it is possible to choose from a wide range of protective screens of various materials, designs, finishes, qualities and prices. If one is not an expert in the field, it is easy to make a mistake.
The screens manufactured in polycarbonate respond to the highest standards of quality. To get an idea, polycarbonate is the most resistant plastic in the market, with which commercial windows or police cars are armored. It is highly visible and practically unbreakable.
360 Protective car partitions

From 4 mm thick, you ensure a high quality protective screen. Check it out in the technical data sheet that accompanies this type of product.

2.- Buy from a trusted online store

On the Internet one can find offers on anti-COVID material that are attractive, but also misleading.
They stand out because, among other things, they hide products of uncertain quality at prices far below the market. They are often masked under the claim of “great opportunity”, “last units” or high discounts.
To avoid being scammed at the click of a button, check that the website provides company information, such as address, contact form or terms and conditions of purchase. At least you’ll know who to contact if you have a complaint.


3.- If in doubt, check that the article has a health guarantee

Something as important as health is not worth risking. If you have any doubts or suspicions, you can consult the list of medical products related to COVID-19 detected on the market that do not comply with the corresponding legislation.

We hope that these guidelines will be useful for you to distinguish reliable suppliers when making your next purchase of anti-COVID19 material.