Screen for sanitary use – FlexiHealth®


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Screen for sanitary use – FlexiHealth®

Adaptable, adjustable and resistant polycarbonate screen. Ideal for dentists, facial surgeons, ophthalmologists, etc. High visibility and protection against virus, bacteria and other infectious agents.

The screen for sanitary use FlexiHealth® screen acts as a physical barrier between the dentist and his patient, slowing down the dispersion of splashes and drops, without altering working conditions.

It is made of 3-4 mm thick polycarbonate, providing optimum visibility of the operating field, and extreme resistance to knocks and scratches.

Its flexible articulated arm and adjustable clamp allow it to adapt to any surface. In addition, its components can be disassembled independently, which facilitates cleaning and transportation, in the case of freelance professionals with services.

These features make it an effective protection tool, compatible with the use of other PPE, such as goggles or face shields.
The risk of coronavirus transmission remains high. Contact us if you want your clinical practice to be safer for you and your patients.

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Maintenance and care: Its components can be dismantled independently for easy cleaning or relocation, in case of freelance professionals with services.
Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth or rag and neutral soap. The use of glass cleaner is not recommended, as it could damage the glass.

Flexihealth, the screen that reinforces safety with your patient


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330 x 330 mm, 410 x 410 mm, Ambas

Technical sheet

Technical sheet FlexiHealth


  • What cleaning product should be used for disinfection? It is recommended to clean with soap solution. The use of chemical products can damage the polycarbonate.
  • Can it break if it suffers an impact or fall? Polycarbonate is practically unbreakable, so in the event of a fall, it will most likely deform, but rarely break.
  • Does it have good visibility? One of the characteristics of polycarbonate is its transparency, close to 90%, making it one of the thermoplastics with the best properties in this regard.
  • Does it take a long time to assemble? This FlexiHealth® model is easily assembled in less than 2 minutes as it is assembled by means of elements screwed together, it is delivered pre-assembled in two parts: screen + articulated arm.
  • Does it take up a lot of space? No, as it can be disassembled, it fits in a pizza-sized box.
  • Is the support and clamp included? Yes, everything necessary for installation is included.
  • Where are the products manufactured? Our products are manufactured in Spain, our company has more than 80 years of experience in industrial manufacturing.
  • Is the price of transportation included? Yes, the price of transport is included in the price as well as the associated taxes (VAT).
  • What is the return policy? You will find terms and conditions on the website, section: Return policy
  • How long does it take for the order to arrive at my home? You will find terms and conditions on the website, section: General conditions. 


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