Protective screen for counter


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Protective screen for counter

Description: the protective screen for counter is made of methacrylate. Designed for the division and hygienic separation of public spaces; such as banks, offices, consultancies, etc., as well as stores with public attention service. Its design, with window, allows the flow of money or documents from both sides.

Characteristics:  100%  transparent. It offers a visibility similar to glass. It can be adapted to any type of surface, without the need to use tools for assembly.

the protection screens of methacrylate/polycarbonate/glass have proven to be an effective resource in environments that require attention to the public, when it is not possible to maintain the two meters distance for reasons of space or mobility.
Therefore, if you have not already done so, we explain the advantages of installing a protective screen in your business.

Glass or methacrylate screens are the best ally where customer service is a fundamental part of the service: pharmacies, tobacconists, offices, boutiques, offices, etc.

These screens create an “invisible” barrier, reducing the possibility of contagion of any airborne pathogen, without limiting the interaction between staff and customers. They are transparent, this is why ensures optimal visibility and communication. And their design, with a window, allows the flow of money or documents.

Taking into account that transmission by aerosols is the main way of spreading coronavirus in closed spaces, methacrylate screens are an indispensable protection element.

As it is a product made from plastic derivatives (methacrylate and polycarbonate), as a result, the screens can be designed in standard or customized format, depending on the space or work that the person performs.

Also, our Premium model has non-slip metal supports, which guarantees the necessary stability to work comfortably and safely. And because they are scratch-resistant and easy to maintain, their lifespan is long.

Our wish is that you can continue to offer your products and services with maximum safety, confidence and comfort for your workers and clients.


Advantages of installing a protective screen in your business


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1000 x 650 mm, 720 x 650 mm

Technical sheet

Protective screen for counter


  • With which cleaning product should the methacrylate/polycarbonate be disinfected? It is recommended to clean with soapy water only. The use of chemical products can damage the polycarbonate/methacrylate.
  • What cleaning product should be used to disinfect the glass? It is recommended to use a specific cleaning product for glass.
  • Can it break if it suffers an impact or fall? Polycarbonate is practically unbreakable. On the other hand, methacrylate can break or crack, although its resistance is high. Glass could break.
  • What is the difference between glass and acrylic glass (methacrylate and polycarbonate)? Their composition is different. Glass or crystal is a naturally occurring material consisting of silica sand, sodium carbonate and limestone. Acrylic glass is a type of translucent plastic.
  • How hard is acrylic glass? Its hardness is lower than that of normal glass. Therefore, it can be scratched relatively easily, although it is generally more resistant to breakage.
  • What is the difference between normal glass and tempered glass? Tempered glass has undergone a thermal hardening process, making it more resistant to breakage. In addition, it atomizes into much smaller pieces, so it would not cause injuries to people in case of breakage.
  • Does it take a long time to assemble? All standard models can be assembled without tools in less than 5 minutes.
  • Are brackets included? Yes, all our screens include brackets.


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