4 proven properties of glass partitions

Uncertainty is the new normal. A year and a half into the pandemic, there are still unanswered questions about Covid-19.

Properties of glass partitions

Properties of glass partitions

What we know for sure is that hygiene habits such as washing hands often, ventilating enclosed spaces and keeping social distance prevent the spread of viral diseases. Even more so in places with a large number of visitors, such as hotels, administrative offices, commercial areas, hospitals and health centers.

Of all the types of physical barriers available on the market, most of these spaces have opted for protective glass partitions, which have earned a well-deserved reputation.

This is due to four properties that are not found in other types of partitions: safety, strength, transparency and easy maintenance.

Glass partitions with CE safety marking

The 6 mm thick glass partitions comply with the safety regulations for tempered glass with CE marking.

They are the safest way to allow people to interact with each other, reducing the possibility of transmission of any pathogens that are transmitted through the air.

Glass partitions are the most resistant

The thermal hardening process of tempered glass makes it extremely resistant. It is common to find this type of glass at ice hockey rinks to protect fans from the impact of pucks, which can reach up to 160 kilometers per hour.

Such resistance gives glass partitions greater longevity than those made of other types of material. In addition, if it were to fall, it would shatter into small pieces with rounded edges, so it would not cause serious damage to people or the environment.

Maximum transparency

The transparency of glass gives glass partitions optimal visibility. By allowing natural light to pass through, they give the impression of larger and more open spaces. This quality is highly appreciated in hotels and tourist facilities, where, in addition to safety and hygiene, a glass partition adds aesthetic value to the reception area.

They are also resistant to UV radiation. Even when exposed to sunlight, they will not lose their transparency.

Tempered glass protective partitions

Tempered glass protective partitions

Easy to install and maintain

However, it is its easy maintenance that places it among the most valued. Its quality remains unalterable over time, resistant to shocks, scratches or the effects of any chemical product. A soft cloth and a specific product for glass are enough to clean it.

It should not be forgotten that glass is a recyclable material. With glass partitions you will not only protect your business and your customers. You will be contributing to creating a sustainable circular economy.

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